The Top 10 Trends You Need To Know This Summer

Happy 2nd day of June!  It's officially my birthday month...yay!  And yes, I said birthday month because I'm known to celebrate all month long.  Aside from June being the start of my birthday celebrations, it's usually when people start considering summer plans and summer shopping.  To help you out with your shopping list, I've listed the top 10 trends of summer 2016.  

But before you stack up on the trends be sure you download the Ultimate Wardrobe Guide and make sure you have the must haves in your closet.  They're essential for maximizing your wardrobe and pairing with the summer trends.

The Top 10 Trends You Need To Know This Summer

1. Cold Shoulders

Whether it's off the shoulder or your shoulders are playing a little peek-a-boo game with your top, this summer is all about baring shoulders.

2.  Lace up sandals

These will pair nicely with a dress, skirt, shorts, or boyfriend jeans.

3.  Bomber Jacket

This trend doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon and I'm perfectly fine with that!  Since the summer months are hot try a lightweight or mesh bomber jacket.

4.  Bandana

You can wear the bandana around your neck one of the two ways shown below or as a headband.  Just have fun with it!

Nasty Gal Bandana

Nasty Gal Bandana

5.  Ruffles

Ruffles add a very feminine and ladylike touch to any outfit.

6.  Stripes

I know women are usually afraid of striped clothing; don't be!  Try it on and see what works for you.

7.  Sneakers

This is another one that's not going anywhere in the near future and I don't mind it either.  You can keep it laid back and casual or dress it up with a dress or a blazer.

8.  Slip Dress

You know how I just said you can dress up your sneakers with a dress?  Sneakers pair nicely with the slip dress and a bomber jacket for a casual look or you can add heels for a sexier vibe.

9.  Choker

By far the "it" accessory of the summer.  It adds instant chic and cool girl vibe to any ensemble.

10.  Embroidery

Take your style to the next level with an embroidered jacket, tee, jeans or shoes.