The Personal Stylist

Who is Arteresa Lynn?

I’m Arteresa Lynn, a Los Angeles personal stylist and style blogger.  I help women discover their style whether they’re going through a life transition or simply want something new.  My ultimate goal is to help women build confidence through style by teaching them how to dress for their body shape, lifestyle, and personality.  Because when you look good you feel good! 

Growing up I always had a very slim figure, and by slim I mean no curves at all.  I know, pretty hard to imagine me without curves right?  When I hit my early 20s the “freshmen 15” (or should I say the “college 30”) happened and hello beautiful curves.  I begin to take on the body shape similar to my mom and I had absolutely no clue how to dress my new body.  After a lot of trial and error I finally mastered the art of dressing my new body to look the most flattering and embraced my curves.  I wish back then I would have known that personal stylists aren’t just for celebrities.  They are also for everyday women like you and me.  Because yes, we deserve to look our very best too.

How Did I Become A Personal Stylist?

I might have struggled with dressing my new curvy body but I have always had a great sense of style.  Because of that I was, and still am, the go to style expert for my family and friends.  If there was an upcoming event or date with a new guy I’m the girl they called with the “what do I where?!” question.  I absolutely loved helping them and receiving pictures of their final looks.  One day I was sitting in my hotel room on a business trip and thought “I wonder if I can make a career out of this; doing something that I love”.  I immediately started googling and found classes and workshops.  I read books, studied everything I could get my hands on relating to personal style and business, signed up for mentor programs, and learned all that I could about styling all body shapes, personalities, styling with colors and patterns, and so much more. 

Because of my undeniable love for personal style and my passion for helping women develop their sense of style, and for them to feel great about walking out the door every morning, entering a crowded room full of strangers or simply having tea with a girlfriend, I knew I had to take it a step further.  So in 2013 I launched my personal styling business and blog and I thoroughly enjoy what I do; it is one of the best decisions I have ever made!

The Blogger

My blog started off as an extension of my business but is quickly expanding to so much more.  It is the stylish bff you always wanted.  I provide trend updates, trend how to’s, what to wear to different life events, what you should have in your closet, how to dress for your body, how to transition your style with your life transition, beauty tips, and natural hair tips.

Style Tips – These posts range from how to dress for your body to wardrobe essentials, trend updates and how to’s, how to transition your style with your life transition, and basically anything else that can help you discover your style.

Outfit Posts - My outfit posts are meant to provide style inspiration and give you ideas on what you can wear for different life events.  Most of the time I link to the exact items I am wearing or provide you a link to similar options.

Beauty & Skin Care - In the beginning of 2016 I decided I wanted to step up my makeup game.  I want to learn all the tricks and shortcuts and I've decided to bring you lovely ladies with me.  Skin care is becoming very important to me.  My goal now is to be preventative and take care of my skin now to look great when I'm older.  I've also battled with breakouts and am on the road to clear, healthy skin.  And yes, I'm bringing you ladies with me for that as well.

Natural Hair - Sometimes before my style is noticed or before I'm asked questions about my outfit, my hair steals the show.  I'm constantly asked how I maintain my curls.  My natural hair posts review my favorite products, how I deep condition, and show hair style tutorials.