How To Pack Natural Hair Products For Your Vacation

I really dread checking in my luggage and absolutely avoid it if I can so my goal was to make my luggage work as a carry on.  I knew my clothes would not be a problem since my Cabo wardrobe consisted of swimsuits, cover ups, summer dresses, and sandals.  I was more concerned with how I would get away with ALL of my hair products in my carry on.

How To Style A Pencil Skirt Casual

I love a good pencil! I'm not sure if most ladies realize it but you can style a pencil skirt in multiple ways.  In this post I'm sharing tips on how to style a pencil skirt casual.  I actually got this idea for a post while going through one of my client's closets.  She wanted me to put outfits together that she could wear for date nights by using her existing wardrobe.

Culotte Jumpsuit Outfit Inspiration

I haven't worn a pair of culottes since I was a kid!  Back then I was not a fan...AT ALL!  My mom bought me a pair and well, you know how that goes.  When you don't buy the clothes, you're forced to wear the clothes that your parents buy.  Or at least that's how it went down in my household.  Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I was doing a little online shopping at Lola Shoetique.

Summer Date Night Outfit Formulas EBook

I am sure every woman has gone through the dreadful panic attack of what they're going to wear on a date.  Whether it's a first date, you've been with your boo for several years, or somewhere in between, you always want to look and feel your best.  Your outfit isn't the only thing that contributes to that, but it plays a big part. In this guide I share with you date night outfit formulas that are sure to turn your date’s head but most importantly, make you feel confident, sexy, and oh so fabulous!