10 Classic Pieces You Need To Complete Your Work Wardrobe

One of my very first clients was a young lady who had just completed college and was ready to step into the "real world".  She contacted me for my services because she had no clue what she would wear to work once she was hired by a company.  She booked my Personal Shopping Service and I helped her create a mini work wardrobe based on her style personality, budget, and the type of jobs she would be applying for. 

Blazer & Maxi Skirt

For my outfit I paired a tank and maxi skirt with a blazer.  Just like I did with this outfit, the blazer adds a more polished look.  As you can see, when I don't have the blazer it gives off a very sexy look.  This is actually a good example and a super easy way to take an outfit from day to night; simply remove the blazer!  Tell me what you think in the comments!

Tie Dye Dress & Mesh Bomber Jacket

As for my outfit, how cute is this combo?!  I'm in love with this mesh bomber jacket.  You'll definitely be seeing more of it because I know I'll be in it all spring and summer.  I think it goes so well with this tie dye dress.  It's not an obvious match up but when I put them together I immediately fell in love with this look.

Outfit Of The Day: Navy Blue Blazer & Shorts

 I was recently asked how to dress up a pair of shorts and the easiest way is to add a blazer and heels.  We all know that a blazer instantly adds a more polished look to any outfit and heels will definitely take it up a notch.  I would wear this out to brunch or out for drinks.  This could also be an outfit option to wear to a baby shower if you didn't want to wear a dress or skirt.

Outfit Of The Day: Spring Dress & Sandal Heels

Now let's get into this dress!  Last week we had a bit of cold weather here in LA but now it's back to being nice and sunny.  You guys know I don't usually wear loose fitting dresses because I try to highlight my waist when I can but I love, love, love this spring dress...and it's from Target!!  I bought this dress last summer but I most definitely will be stopping by Target soon to see if they have more cute dresses for spring and summer.