Ruffle Crop Top & High Waist Jeans

Forever 21 Crop Top (similar here and here), Pink Ice Jeans, Steve Madden Heels (similar here)

When I first tried on this top I fell in love!!  I'm usually not fond of ruffles on me but for some reason it was love at first sight.  Maybe it's the color or maybe it's because it gives me the Beyonce wearing the yellow dress in Lemonade vibe.  Yep, I'm pretty sure it's the latter.  The only problem came when I realized you would be able to see my bra in the back, even with a low cut strapless bra. *cue horror music*  I quickly put on my stylist hat because I had to have this lemonade top and mama needs a little support for the girls.  I grabbed a pretty lace bralette in a color that complimented the top.  And just like that my problem was solved.  

What do you ladies think of my lemonade top?  Leave me a comment below and let me know!

Style tip: If you need to wear a bra and the top doesn't allow for a strapless without showing don't be afraid to wear a bralette and let it show!  Just make sure it's pretty, has some sort of detail and is not a basic bra (like this), and the color is the same as the top or compliments the top. #alstyletips