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The Best Alternative To Wearing Short Shorts In The Summer

I often hear my clients or girlfriends say that they can't wear shorts in the summer because they aren't comfortable showing their legs.  I have to remind them that like dresses, shorts come in different lengths and styles.  If you are not comfortable baring your legs the best alternative to wearing short shorts in the summer is

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Moto Jacket: The Must Have Jacket In A Stylish Woman's Wardrobe

We've all heard that you need to invest in the wardrobe basics.  You know, the list that includes items such as jeans, black pumps, structured handbag, etc.  But there is also an extended list of items that are usually included in a stylish woman's wardrobe.  One of those items is the leather moto jacket.

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The Top 10 Trends You Need To Know This Summer

Happy 2nd day of June!  It's officially my birthday month...yay!  And yes, I said birthday month because I'm known to celebrate all month long.  Aside from June being the start of my birthday celebrations, it's usually when people start considering summer plans and summer shopping.  To help you out with your shopping list, I've listed the top 10 trends of summer 2016.  

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