Tie Dye Dress & Mesh Bomber Jacket

Windsor Tie Dye Dress & Mesh Bomber Jacket, Sam Edelman Heels

Well it's Wednesday and we're half way through the week.  This week has been kind of rough for me.  My mom and I started a high protein, low carb meal plan and it is totally different from the junk that I'm used to eating.  Instead of having burger and fries, I'm now eating 6 small meals a day that consists of ground turkey, chicken, egg whites, or a protein shake.  It's day 3 and I'm adjusting but ladies let me tell you...I'm hungry!!  My goal is to lose about 5-7 lbs, mainly tone my legs, and to live a healthier lifestyle.  Be sure to tweet me or comment on Instagram with encouragement; ya girl needs it!

As for my outfit, how cute is this combo?!  I'm in love with this mesh bomber jacket.  You'll definitely be seeing more of it because I know I'll be in it all spring and summer.  I think it goes so well with this tie dye dress.  It's not an obvious match up but when I put them together I immediately fell in love with this look.

Tie Dye Dress & Mesh Bomber Jacket 6.JPG
Tie Dye Dress & Mesh Bomber Jacket 4.JPG
Tie Dye Dress & Mesh Bomber Jacket 5.JPG


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