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9 Style Rules For The Office You Need To Know

Getting back on track with my style series, The Revamp.  The month of May will be all about building your work wardrobe.  I remember my very first client as a personal stylist was a young lady who had just graduated from college and was looking for a job in corporate. 

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Cape Blazer And Dress Pants - Like A Boss

I currently work in Creative Services for the corporate office of a big retailer.  Since it's a fashion company I don't have to wear the traditional corporate business attire.  Because of this, for the longest, my closet lacked dress pants.  Now I know that I know better.  Regardless of your professional dress code, it's always a good idea to have a pair of dress pants in your closet. 

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10 Classic Pieces You Need To Complete Your Work Wardrobe

One of my very first clients was a young lady who had just completed college and was ready to step into the "real world".  She contacted me for my services because she had no clue what she would wear to work once she was hired by a company.  She booked my Personal Shopping Service and I helped her create a mini work wardrobe based on her style personality, budget, and the type of jobs she would be applying for. 

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