Discover Your Body Type 

It is important to know your body type so that you can wear clothes that flatter your figure.  During the body type discovery I will take your measurements to determine your body type (rectangle, triangle, inverted triangle, or hourglass).  Once we know your body type I will go over the clothing options that compliment your body the best and answer any questions you may have.  Within 72 hours of our meeting I will send you a digital look book that will have outfit options based on your body type and lifestyle.

Closet Cleanse 

Are you wearing at least 80% of your closet?  Or do rotate the same pieces?  It is so important to have a well organized closet.  Allow me to help you get your closet in check.  You will try on several pieces so that you understand the importance of proper fit.  We will discuss what needs to be tossed, donated, kept, or sent to get tailored.  I will organize your closet by color and category so it is super easy for you to get dressed in the morning.  At the end of my visit you will have a well organized closet, a list of the Ultimate Wardrobe must haves, a shopping list of recommended items to add to your wardrobe, and the current season trend and beauty guide.

Shop The Closet 

Have an organized closet but still struggling to create outfits?  You have a good idea of what to buy, you have several stylish pieces but you need help putting it all together.  You don't need do more shopping, you need to shop your closet!  I will create several outfits by mixing and matching items that you already own.  And so you don't forget a single outfit I will take pictures for you and send them to you in a digital look book along with the current season trend and beauty guide.

Personal Styling Shopping Experience 

Whether you're looking to add the must haves to your wardrobe, need a season update, have a special event, or want to transition your style, my personal shopping service is for you.  I will shop for you based on your body shape, lifestyle, and style personality.  I will shop ahead so that when you arrive at our scheduled appointment, the outfits will be ready for you and all you have to do is try them on!


  • Wardrobe Essentials - Stock your closet with the core wardrobe pieces, also known as the must haves.  These items (ie: black pumps, jeans, blazers, white button up, etc) are timeless items that won't go out of style and should mix and match to create multiple outfits.  Let me show you how!
  • Capsule Wardrobe - A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothes that all work together.  You can have a general capsule wardrobe of about 35-40 pieces or a mini capsule wardrobe of 20-25 pieces for certain areas of your life where you feel a small separate wardrobe is needed (ie: work, maternity, weekend, etc)
  • Signature Look - A signature look is the "uniform" of your own personal style. Let's find the colors, silhouettes, and fabrics that brings out the best in your style personality.