10 Classic Pieces You Need To Complete Your Work Wardrobe

One of my very first clients was a young lady who had just completed college and was ready to step into the "real world".  She contacted me for my services because she had no clue what she would wear to work once she was hired by a company.  She booked my Personal Shopping Service and I helped her create a mini work wardrobe based on her style personality, budget, and the type of jobs she would be applying for. Using the 10 classic must haves for a professional wardrobe I made sure my client was dressed for success

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10 Classic Pieces You Need To Complete Your Work Wardrobe

  1. Classic pumps 
  2. Fancy flats 
  3. Structured tote 
  4. Dress pants  
  5. Tailored blazer 
  6. Silk blouse  
  7. White button up 
  8. Pencil skirt 
  9. Everyday accessories 
  10. Sheath or wrap dress

Bonus: Power Outfit!  This is the outfit that you wear on the interview to land your dream job, the important presentation that showcases what you've been working so hard on, and when you meet with your boss to discuss the next steps in your career.  It's the outfit that makes you look and feel confident, strong, powerful, and bossy!

Create Your Own Power Outfit For Work!

If you need help creating your power outfit or your work wardrobe contact me and I'll be more than happy to help.  Together we'll make sure you are professional but still stylish.  Email me at style@arteresalynn.com or fill out the form on my contact page in the main menu.

Don't forget to download your free copy of The Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist.  It's everything you must have in your closet!  The checklist makes it easy for you to check items off as you make purchases.