How To Wear A Bodysuit: The Return Of The One-Piece


The bodysuit is back and is one of summer's hottest trends!  And as your personal stylist, I'm going to show you more ways than 1 how to wear a bodysuit.  No, it's not a leotard and no it's not for dance class.  This one-piece wonder, aka the bodysuit, is a great way to wear a sleek top with a smooth fit without worrying about the bunching and gathering that you sometimes get when tucking your top in your skirt or pants.  The bodysuit also comes in a thong option which I highly recommend since, ladies, we know that VPL (visible panty line) is a big NO NO!  Below I'm giving you a couple of options of how to wear a bodysuit.

Style Tip: Make sure your bodysuit has a snap at the crotch!  You'll remember this post and will thank me later when you're out to brunch and you're on your 3rd mimosa :).

How To Wear A Bodysuit


how to wear a bodysuit