Summer Weather In October...Life In Southern California

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It's mid October, technically by calendar we're supposed to be in the fall season, however Southern Cali did not get that memo.  I know we're known for great weather but 90 degrees in October?!  That is the type of weather we have been having for the past 2 weeks and according to the weather forecast next week is looking the same. 

So how do you dress for fall in hot weather?  You don't!  It's way too hot to be trying to incorporate any fall pieces lol.  No one has time to be playing games with this weather.  I am still very much dressing in my summer wardrobe and having beach days.  Although I would love to pull out my boots (especially these glam slouchy boots I just ordered!) I'm a true born and raised LA, Cali girl and I don't really have too many complaints about this weather.

But for the sake of my readers I will get back to sharing fall style tips next week!  So stay tuned and be sure to sign up for my email list!  

Side note: This is my first beach shoot and I love the way the pics turned out!

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