Shoegasm Tuesday: Aldo Dominya Camouflage 'Do Ya Thing' Pumps

Aldo Dominya Camouflage 'Do Ya Thing' Pumps

Happy Tuesday loves!  This Shoegasm Tuesday features the Aldo Dominya Camouflage 'Do Ya Thing' pumps.  I think these are one of those shoes where you're either going to hate them or love them.  Or some may like them but won't purchase them because they aren't sure how to style them (if this is you keep scrolling!).  I must say when I first saw them on @youngatstyle instagam account I wasn't completely sold on them.  It wasn't until I came across them again while online shopping that they started to grow on me.  

These pumps are definitely statement shoes and are very trendy.  I will say this, if you do not have your basic nude and black pumps I would not recommend buying these; it's all about priorities, ladies!  However, if you are set with your basics that will help you maximize your wardrobe because they pair nicely with just about anything and you're looking for a bold pump, get these!

Not Sure How To Style Them?

The key to styling these pumps is keeping your outfit simple and letting the pumps be your stand out item.  As you can see from the outfit I put together below, keeping it simple doesn't mean that you can't add color.  Just be sure to stick with a solid color and not add too many colors and patterns.

So ladies, would you wear these pumps?

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