3 Ways To Say Goodbye To Muffin Top

Let's say goodbye to the dreaded muffin top.  While I love muffins, I think we can all agree that they are best served on a plate and not above our pants.  Having our extra love hang outside our jeans is just not cute.  But no need to worry, ladies.  I have 3 easy ways to say goodbye to muffin top forever!3 Ways To Say Goodbye To Muffin Top - ArteresaLynn.com1.  Stay away from low-waisted pants and jeans.  Wearing pants or jeans that are super low only highlights any extra weight you are carrying in your mid section. 2.  Instead go for high-waisted pants and jeans.  The high waist will conceal anything that you don't necessarily want to be shown.  It will also elongate the lower half of your body and give the appearance of a longer leaner look.

3.  If you are going to wear bottoms with a low rise, be sure to wear a loose fit top.  You don't want to wear a clingy top that exposes all of your extra goodness.  This also wouldn't be the time for a sheer or thin top.  Stay with thicker fabrics; they are more forgiving.

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