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You clean your home weekly and maybe even multiple times a week depending on the size of your family, but how often do you clean out your closet?  Are you wearing 80% of your closet?  Or do you rotate the same pieces?  It is so important to have a well organized closet.  The kind of closet that you go to and is color coordinated, your tops are in order from short to long sleeve, your bottoms are together, and you're not hanging on to clothes that don't fit properly or that haven't seen the light of day in years.  I promise you with a well organized closet you will save so much time in the morning and getting dressed will be a breeze! If you need help getting your closet in check (especially with fall right around the corner!), you should definitely sign up for my new online closet counseling!  It's only $60!! Keep scrolling for all the details.

Online closet counseling (audit) - Online Closet Counseling - $60

  • 90 min session via video chat.
  • Guide you through effectively organizing your closet to successfully get dressed in the morning.
  • Try on several pieces of your wardrobe to ensure you understand the importance of proper fit.
  • Discuss any items you are unsure of whether to toss (donate), tailor, or keep.
  • Make recommendations for your current wardrobe.
  • Create a shopping list that compliments your wardrobe.
  • Bi-weekly check ins with you over the next 2 months.
  • Will receive style & beauty trend guide for the current season.

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