Wardrobe Essential: The Pencil Skirt

There’s something about a pencil skirt that says powerful, sophisticated, and sexy all at the same time.  The way it hugs your curves while only showing a little bit of skin is HOT!  The pencil skirt can be styled for the office, for a date, or a night out with your ladies.

A few tips to remember when buying and wearing a pencil skirt are: 1. Make sure the hemline is just above the knee or just below, 2. The skirt should be fitted but not too tight (you want to be able to sit, walk, and breathe comfortably), 3. Pair with booties or high heels, 4. Try a little stretch for us curvy girls, 5. And definitely wear it with my favorite accessory…confidence.

I personally love to style the pencil skirt in a non-traditional way...


Kim Kardashian loves wearing pencil skirts; and she wears them well.  Alicia Keys looks amazing color blocking her high waist pencil skirt while pairing it with a crop top.