Theme Of The Month: How To Update Your Underwear Drawer

Welcome to the February theme of the month which is all about how to update your underwear drawer.  Usually when we think about updating our style we only think about clothing, accessories, and shoes.  But what about our underwear drawer?  Do we have the appropriate undergarments for any style situation?

How To Update Your Undie Drawer

How To Update Your Undie Drawer

If you haven't really given this any thought or this is something you've been wanting to work on, stick around for the next week because below is what we will be covering:

  • Must Haves For Your Underwear Drawer - Do you have the right panties and bras for all your pants and tops?

  • How To Organize Your Underwear Drawer - Is everything easily accessible or do you have to rip your drawer apart to find your strapless bra?

  • How To Choose The Proper Fitting Bra - Things you should know prior to going bra shopping. Don't just rely on the sales associate! You should be educated as well.

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Have a great weekend, ladies!!  Remember, if you have any questions I'm only an email ( away!