The Best Date Ideas To Wow Your Partner

Valentine's Day is right around the corner; tomorrow to be exact.  You should probably have plans already, but if you're like me you plan everything last minute.  Here's a list of the best date ideas to wow your partner this Valentine's or any of the other 364 days of the year.  Don't forget to celebrate your special person all year long :-). Oh, and if you're still in need of a gift be sure to check out yesterday's post, Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Guides For Him & Her.

The Best Date Ideas To Wow Your Partner

The Best Date Ideas To Wow Your Partner

1.  Couple's massage at a spa - Relax together and enjoy the serenity of a day spa.

2.  Wine tasting tour - A classy way of getting a little tipsy while learning more about red and white wine.

3.  Gondola boat ride - Enjoy cheese and wine while being paddled under the stars.  It's the next best thing to being in Italy.

4.  Dine-in movie theater - Elevate your typical movie date by experiencing plush seats that recline, blankets, and dinner and cocktails that are served to you at your seat.

5.  Helicopter ride - Take a romantic view around your city.  I strongly suggest taking the night tour to enjoy the bright lights.

6.  Picnic in your living room or in a hotel room - Cook or order your favorite dish, add a bottle of wine and don't forget your favorite blanket.

7.  Bike ride - Rent a bike (tandem or individual) and cruise along the beach or a nice scenic route.

8.  Dance lessons - Step out of the box and take dance class; salsa is super sexy and fun.

9.  Concert - Find an artist you both like, buy tickets, and have a good time.

10.  Dinner at your favorite restaurant - Okay maybe this one is a little cliche but it can still be very romantic.  You can even dine in at home and create the ambiance with a candlelight dinner.

11. Weekend getaway - Try staying at a bed and breakfast rather than a hotel.  It's a little more quaint and romantic.

12.  Bring out the kid in you - go bowling, gaming (ie: Dave & Buster's), or an amusement park

You're welcome!!!

The Best Date Ideas To Wow Your Partner
The Best Date Ideas To Wow Your Partner On Valentine's Day
The Best Date Ideas To Wow Your Partner