The Perfect Summer Outfit You Need To Buy

cute summer outfit ideas

Leith Floral Crop Top and Shorts, Lilly's Kloset Heels (sold out), Topshop Choker (similar here)

It's the first day of summer so it's only appropriate that my first post is the perfect summer outfit you need to buy!  I'm a big fan of matching sets for summer and if it's a cropped matching set, even better.  So when I came across this floral matching set at Nordstrom I knew I had to have it.

So you're probably thinking "it's cute but why is it the perfect summer outfit?".  This outfit is perfect for summer because you can wear it for several different summer events.  I'm always stressing the importance of maximizing your wardrobe and not just buying items or outfits that you can only wear once.  So here's at least 5 occasions you can wear this outfit this summer.

  1. A summer concert.
  2. To a beach wedding.
  3. On a date (day or evening).
  4. Brunch with the girls.
  5. A day party.

Where would you wear this outfit?  

summer outfit inspiration - maxi skirt set 3.jpg
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