The Most Unique Watch Ever

Meet the most unique watch ever. A light weight wooden watch by Jord Wood Watches.  When I first received my watch I immediately fell in love.  I have a thing for unique accessories because they instantly elevate any outfit and make it chic.

The Most Unique Watch - Jord Wood WatchesWatch c/o Jord Wood Watches

This past weekend I found a new tea and coffee cafe in my neighborhood.  Just like the watch, I instantly fell in love with the ambiance, staff, tea, and food.  I can literally stay in there for hours reading and working.  What I adore most about my me time at the cafe is that while I'm there, I only glance down at my watch to admire it; not keep track of the time.  I'm learning that "moments are better than minutes".

Ladies, you may want to keep Jord Wood Watches in your back pocket seeing how Valentine's Day is exactly 1 month away. They also have a selection of men watches so this would be a great gift for the man in your life.

The Most Unique Watch - Jord Wood WatchesThe Most Unique Watch - Jord Wood WatchesThe Most Unique Watch - Jord Wood Watches

Luxury Wood Watch

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