The Dapper Gentleman

Happy Wednesday, peeps!  We're half way through the week...yay!  I have a special post for you today.  Today's post is for the fellas.  So ladies call your man into the room, email this to your male friends, and share it on facebook.  Or keep this post in mind for when you have to be his stylist..."babe, what should I wear to the wedding?".  Because you know this will happen. I'm introducing a bit of men's style to my little ol' blog.  Of course my main focus will still be my personal style and styling tips for women but I figure why leave the guys out.  They probably need more help than we do!  The outfits below are looks I put together with the sophisticated male in mind.  Where's he going?  Perhaps to a business meeting, a wedding, or date night.


Men - Sophisticated



Mens Sophisticated #2




Mens Sophisticated Casual Look


Ladies, would you like to see your significant other in any of these outfits?  I know I would.


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