The Best Matte Makeup For Oily Skin You Need To Try Right Now

I’ve always had oily skin.  I mean really oily skin.  I’m the girl that has to constantly blot my nose or else it will be very shiny.  I am fairly new to the makeup world. I just really started getting into it at the beginning of this year.  Before, I kept my products very basic; no highlighter, no concealer, no blush.  I also just went with the wave for my brand of foundation and didn’t research what was best for my skin type. 

A few months ago a friend suggested that I try to find a primer to help control my oil.  So I headed to Sephora that weekend and was introduced to the beauty brand Becca and it was LIFE (pause for dramatic effect) CHANGING!  The lovely lady who works at Sephora recommended I try the Becca Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector and the Becca Ever-Matte Shine Proof Foundation.  This combination is amazing for me!  I literally stay matte for hours.  This includes when I’m in the heat or even when I’m doing a physical activity.  Seriously, where has Becca been all of my makeup life?

If you don’t have extremely oily skin like myself, maybe you just have combination skin, then you can probably get away with using one and not both.  Just remember that the primer is intense and a little goes a long way.  To apply, I just squeeze a little on my index finger and rub it together a bit using my index finger and thumb.  Then I pat it on my t-zone and extend it a little to my cheeks.  You only need to apply the primer where your skin gets oily.  You definitely don’t want to put it all over your face and dry out your skin.  The foundation also works well on its own but for me and my skin, I prefer to use both the primer and matte foundation together.

Do you have oily skin?  What primer and foundation do you use? 

*For reference: I wear the shade Sienna in the foundation.  Also, I wear the foundation and primer almost every day and they both last me 4 1/2 months.