The 9 Tips You Need To Know For Healthy Natural Hair

tips for healthy natural hair

I am often asked how I get my natural hair to grow, do I take special vitamins, and what's my "secret".  The answer is my hair is healthy because I take good care of it which allows me to retain my hair growth.  I actually don't take any vitamins other than my one a day multi-vitamin.  

I remember when I first went natural. I wanted length so bad but my hair just wasn't in good condition and I didn't know how to get it healthy.  My ends were always brittle and dry.  I had to learn how to take care of it.  So today I am sharing the 9 tips you need to know for healthy natural hair.  Make these tips a part of your hair care regimen and I am quite sure you will see improvement in the condition of your hair and the length!  Oh and if you want to know how to get frizz free curls click below.

The 9 Tips You Need To Know For Healthy Natural Hair

1.  Clean your scalp. -  A clean scalp promotes healthy hair growth.  You need to remove the build-up and dead skin.  I co-wash my hair every 4-5 days and shampoo once a month or as needed.

2.  Give your hair a break. - Protective styles give your hair a chance to rest and not be manipulated for a while.  

3.  Deep conditioner you hair! - I am a firm believer in deep conditioning treatments.  I deep condition weekly.  It keeps my hair soft, strong, shiny, and looking good.  This was one of the game changers for me.

4.  Drink plenty of water - You know water is great for everything.  Internal hydration is just as important as external hydration.

5.  Gently detangle your hair - Always detangle your hair when it is wet and accompanied with a detangler or conditioner.

6.  Don’t be afraid to trim your ends. - There is no need to hang on to damaged ends.  Every time I trim my ends I notice by hair starts growing tremendously.  Doing this will also help to prevent breakage.

7.  Minimize your heat usage - Try to resist straightening your hair too much.  I used to straighten my hair 2-4 times a year.  In 2016,  I only straightened it once.  I do, however, blow dry my hair a few times a year and style on a blow out.  Be sure when using heat you don’t over do it and only use the necessary amount of heat.  For example, I only go over each section of hair a couple of times with the flat iron, not 4-5 times.  I also air dry instead of diffusing.  This was another game changer for me.

8.  Nutritious diet - Again, you want to promote healthy hair from the inside out.

9.  Keep your hair moisturized. - Dry hair is more likely to break.  I like to deep condition my hair to seal it with an oil to retain moisture.

I hope you find these tips helpful.  If you have any questions you know I am always answering on social media (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) or you can leave a comment below.