Splurge or Save?: Wool Double Breasted Coat

Who doesn’t love a good deal?!  Welcome to part 2 of my new series of Splurge or Save? where I will be finding lust worthy items that may not be in your budget at a very affordable price!  Now it won’t be the same item of course, but it will look very similar.  My question to you is going to be is it worth the save or would you rather splurge to get exactly what you want? In my first post of this series I showed you 2 options for rockstud patent leather pumps.  This time around I have 2 options for a wool double breasted coat, which is great for fall.  One is by Valentino and comes with a high price tag while the other is by Missguided and is very budget friendly.  So what's it going to be, ladies? Would you rather splurge or save?

Save or Splurge?: Double Breasted Wool Coat by Valentino & Missguided

Valentino Wool-Angora Double Breasted Coat/ Missguided Double Wool Coat

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