Natural Hair Product Review: Aphogee Curlific!

Hi curlfriends!  I have another product review for you.  This time I am reviewing the Aphogee Curlific! line.  If you follow me on Instagram then you already know I've been using this line for the last couple of weeks and the results are finally in!  Find out what I think about the Aphogee Curlific! line, if I will use these products again, and if I could only purchase one of their products which one it would be.  Go ahead and click on the video below and enjoy!  Don't forget to like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE!!  

All products used are linked in this post directly below the video as well as in the description box on YouTube.


ApHogee Curlific! Textured Hair -

ApHogee Curlific! Texture Treatment -

ApHogee Curlific! Moisture Rich Leave In -

ApHogee Curlific! Curl Definer -

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