Music Moment Monday - 'Motivation' by Kelly Rowland

"You can do it, I believe in you baby. So close from here"

"Baby, I'ma be your motivation...Go, go, go, go!"

This video has got to be one of THE sexiest videos ever!  From the lyrics, to Kelly's outfit (not much of it), dance moves, dark background, the touching of the extras, and lets not forget the eye candy of the male dancers....all of this equals SEXY!  And can we talk about Kelly's body?...hello, she is definitely my motivation for the "get it right, get it tight" movement.

Now lets move on to last 2 Sundays of Ms. Rowland.  Fresh off of Super Bowl cameo during King Bey's performance where she looked amazing!  She showed up to the Grammy's last night looking like a hot tamale.  If you can't tell Kelly is my new obsession.  I love how she has taken her sexy up quite a few notches...Get it, Kelly! 

Check out her video below to see what I'm talking about, then scroll down to see her knock out Grammy's look from last night.


Photos via Daily News

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