Music Moment Monday - It's Like That by Mariah Carey

"It's a special occasion, Tree Tree's emancipation.  A cause for celebration, I ain't gonna let nobody's drama bother me.'Cuz it's my night. No stress, no fights I'm leavin' it all behind. No tears, No time to cry Just makin' the most of life"

Happy Monday peeps!  I'm in a great mood and in an exceptional great place in my life.  I'm well, my family is well...just feeling blessed!
I loooove this song by Mariah.  I was sitting in bed last night thinking about what song makes me happy and I instantly thought of  'It's Like That'.  I don't care what you're doing or how old the song is when you hear it you have to snap your fingers, throw your hands up, and sing along...or it could just be me lol.  My favorite memory of this song is from college, riding in the back seat of my good friend Dominique's car while heading to Rodeo Drive with her and our girl Lauren.  We were all singing our little hearts out...good times!
Enjoy the song, have a great week and like Mariah says "don't let nobody's drama bother you"!

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Peace & Blessings