How To Revamp Your Wardrobe In 12 Easy Steps

In the beginning of every new year, most of us vow to make changes in our life to become the best version of ourselves.  Whether it's for our career, fitness, health, spiritual, or style we commit to improving certain aspects of our life.  If you promised yourself that this is the year that you want to revamp your wardrobe, update your style, or dress the part for that position you want at work, you need to sign up for The Revamp!

In my FREE style series, The Revamp, I will show you how to revamp your wardrobe in 12 easy steps.  And by 12 easy steps I mean we will revamp and rebuild your wardrobe month by month.  Each month there will be a theme that will bring you closer to a completely revamped wardrobe.  Below I have broken down the months for you. (I was inspired by this Who What Wear post).

Don't worry if you are joining The Revamp after January.  Since there is a theme for each month once you sign up you will automatically receive January's theme.  One month later you will receive what was sent for February's theme, and so on until you have received all of the monthly themes.  So go ahead and sign up now!

How To Revamp Your Wardrobe In 12 Easy Steps

  1. January - Closet Cleanse

  2. February - Tackle Your Underwear Drawer

  3. March - Get To Know The Basics

  4. April - 9-5 Work Style

  5. May - Dressing For Your Body Type

  6. June - Summer Styling

  7. July - Make A Statement

  8. August - All About Accessories

  9. September - Fashion Week: From The Catwalk To The Sidewalk

  10. October - Your 'Go To' Outfit

  11. November - Master The Art Of Layering

  12. December - Dressing For The Holiday Season

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How To Revamp Your Wardrobe In 2 Easy Steps