How To Dress For A Summer Wedding - The Perfect Outfit

2 years ago I wore this matching crop top and maxi skirt set to my friend's beach wedding in beautiful Cabo, Mexico.  Of course since it was a beach wedding I ditched the heels and went for a platform wedge sandal.  This set is also the perfect outfit to wear to a summer wedding.  The fabric is light weight, the colors are beautiful, and it's sexy but tasteful.  Now that I think about it, I would say those are the top 3 criteria when choosing the perfect outfit for a summer wedding.  

If you've been invited to a summer wedding and need help choosing the perfect outfit you might want to sign up for my Event Styling package.  This can be done online or in person if you're in the Los Angeles area.  Email me at or fill out the form on my contact page with any questions or to get started!