How to Dress & Flatter Your Rectangle Body Shape

Create curves & define your waist!

The rectangle body type is the most common body type among women.  It seems a little odd referring to a body type as a shape; in other words, this body type has no curves and is straight up and down.

You most likely have a rectangle silhouette if you have the following traits:

  • Similar width in shoulders and hips and/or thighs

  • No defined waistline (body and torso appears straight up and down)

  • Straight body lines

  • Body appears balanced

The style goal for this body type is to create the illusion of a waist

How to Dress the Rectangle Silhouette

1.       Form curves.  Fill out the shoulder and hips to create curves.  Add volume to the top and bottom by wearing cap sleeve shirts, ruffles, small shoulder pads, and full skirts.  The easiest way to create curves is by wearing peplum (jackets, tops, dresses). 

2.       Create the illusion of a waist.  When adding volume don’t forget to create a waist!  Cinch with a belt or clothing that tapers at the waist. 

3.       Add layers.  Add more dimension to your body by throwing on a blazer or cardigan.

rectangle body type, no curves, cameron diazHere Cameron Diaz creates curves and a waist by wearing a cap sleeve dress (which extends her shoulders), a dress with flare (which creates volume for are lower body), a tapered waist dress (hello defined waist!).  The horizontal stripes create the appearance of a broader frame by forcing the eye sideways as opposed to up and down


·         Create curves


·         Wear oversized clothing that do not fit your top or bottom.

Must Haves

·         Halter tops

·         Backless clothing

·         Horizontal stripes

·         Peplum garments

·         Bold prints & patterns

·         Deep V cuts

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Peace & Blessings

Arteresa Lynn