Healthy Alternatives: Turkey Burger & Strawberries

Last week I received a reader’s request from a good friend of mine to do a post on my workout/health routine.  And although I haven’t had a chance to get my workout routine going (I swear it’s on my to do list!), I have made better choices with my diet. While I’m not Catholic, I did attend a Catholic high school (V-house!!) and practice lent; mainly to challenge my discipline.  This year for lent I decided to give up….pause for dramatic effect….fast food!  And let me tell you, the struggle has been way too real.  I love burgers and fries and oh man I’ve been craving them both.  I decided to not deprive myself but to seek other alternatives.

To fill the void of fast food I made a turkey cheeseburger using multi-grain sandwich thins instead of a bun, 2% cheese, and strawberries instead of fries.  The strawberries were also a substitute for dessert.  I must admit this definitely satisfied my craving.  Next week I can eat fast food again but I’m hoping to eat A LOT less of it and to incorporate more healthy alternatives.  I’m a work in progress and I’ll be sure to share my findings along the way.

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Peace & Blessings

Arteresa Lynn