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Curls and Confidence tee for girls

Curls and Confidence Girls Tee, also in Womens (pictured below)

I am so super excited to announce the launch of my Curls and Confidence tees in Girls sizes.  This expansion started just as me wanting my niece, Dasia, to love her curls even more than she already does and to say it loud and proud!  I had a tee made just for her.  We posted it on her Instagram and what do you know, there were other little curly cuties that wanted to wear their curls and confidence.

My goal is to help instill confidence in Dasia like my mom did with me while I was growing up.  It is never too early to start teaching confidence and self love.  And if I can help other mommies, or aunties, help their little ones with that even better!

Be sure to take a look at the different color options for both the Girls and Womens Curls and Confidence tees.  Little Miss Dasia is wearing an XS and I am wearing a Medium.  Go ahead and join the Curls and Confidence movement and also follow us both on Instagram! (@arteresalynn & @missdasialynn).

Curls and Confidence Girls and Womens Tee
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