Corset T-Shirt Dress + Pumps

Nordstrom Corset T-Shirt Dress, Zara Pumps (old)

Happy Friday, beauties!  I have another summer outfit inspiration post for you.  Right now it's all about the corset.  Whether it's a corset t-shirt or a corset dress or skirt, you may want to give this look a try.  And I mean why not?!  Personally, anything that helps to make my waistline look snatched is alright with me.

Helpful Tip:  As with any trend make sure it is right for you before you make a purchase!  Also, remember that there are various styles to most trends where you can tailor them to fit your body and personality.  For example, if wearing a really short dress isn't your thing I wouldn't advise you to go buy the corset t-shirt dress that I'm wearing.  You can find one with a longer hem line or try a corset tee with a pair of jeans.

Side Note: I'm so looking forward to rocking this dress in the fall with a pair of over-the-knee boots.  Wait for it!