5 Key Pieces You Need To Nail The '70s Fashion Trend

As you can probably tell by last week's cape blazer and shorts and my leopard romper post from the week before, I don't want to let go of summer!  But the reality is that fall is just around the corner.  With that being said, I'm going to start easing in the fall goodies on the blog.

One of the biggest fall trends of 2015 is the '70s fashion trend.  There are tons of references for this trend; old TV shows, movies, and maybe even your own or your mom's closet! There are 5 key pieces you need to nail the '70s fashion trend.  My style advice is since we are not actually in the 70s, don't try wearing all 5 key pieces at once.  Choose a couple and pair them with modern pieces for a nice stylish look.

5 Key Pieces You Need To Nail The '70s Fashion Trend

5 Key Pieces You Need To Nail The 70s Trend

1.  Suede Skirt 70s suede skirt

2.  Fringe Anything

70s Trend Fringe Jacket

3.  Flared JeansJennifer Lopez Flared Denim 70s Trend

4. Peasant Blouse

Sincerely Jules Peasant Blouse 70s Trend

5. Fur Vest

Blogger Honey Bee In Fur Vest 70s Trend

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