7 Ways To Wear Overalls Without Looking Like A Toddler Or Farmer

Ladies, I think it's about time that we address the overall trend.  It's a tricky one but don't worry; I got you covered!  If you aren't careful you can go from trying to be cool and stylish to looking like a toddler or a farmer real quick.  I've seen it and trust me, it's not pretty. Overalls aren't for everyone.  In fact, I'm still on the fence about them for myself.  But if you do choose to wear them, as your personal stylist I want to make sure you are looking oh-so chic.  Remember that fit is important with this trend.  A pair of slim cut overalls will instantly eliminate the toddler and farmer look.  Just as a cropped or fitted top will do with a pair of loose fit overalls.

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7 ways to wear overalls without looking like a toddler or farmer.

7 Ways To Wear Overalls1.  Dress them up with heels.7 Ways To Wear Overalls - ArteresaLynn.com2.  Wear with a crop top.7 Ways To Wear Overalls - ArteresaLynn.com3.  Try a flare silhouette.7 Ways To Wear Overalls - ArteresaLynn.com4.  Opt for a slim cut.7 Ways To Wear Overalls - ArteresaLynn.com5.  If you decide to wear a baggy fit, be sure to pair with a fitted or ultra feminine top.7 Ways To Wear Overalls6.  Pair with fashion sneakers.7 Ways To Wear Overalls - ArteresaLynn.com7.  Don't be afraid to ditch the denim.7 Ways To Wear Denim - ArteresaLynn.com

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