7 Tips On How To Choose The Right Bra For You

There's nothing like having a great support system.  We need love and support from our family, friends, significant other...and yes...our bras!  If you have been keeping up, I have been talking about updating your underwear drawer and how your underwear is the foundation of your outfits. Ladies, there is nothing quite like an ill-fitting bra.  You can't hide it because it certainly shows through your clothes.  And because I care, I'm giving you 7 tips on how to choose the right bra for you! But first, in case you missed the other posts in this series, check out how to organize your underwear drawer in 3 easy steps and 19 items every woman should have in her underwear drawer.

7 Tips On How To Choose The Right Bra For You

1.  Get professionally measured. - I know you may think you know what size bra you wear but it surely doesn't hurt to check.  For years I thought I was a 34 DD.  I got measured and found out I was a 32 DDD!  This definitely made a difference.

2.  Make sure the band is not too large. -  This is exactly what happened to me in the scenario I mentioned above.  You want your band to fit snug, but of course not too tight.

How To Choose The Right Bra

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3.  Make sure you are wearing the right size. - Even a weight gain or loss of about 10 pounds can effect your bra size.  You don't want to be caught in a bra that's too small for you or too big; it's just unflattering.

4.  No spillage! - Your breast shouldn't bulge over the top, sides, or bottom of your cups.

5.  When shopping for a strapless bra go down a band size. -   Your bra should not be slipping down at all.

How To Choose The Right Bra 2

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6.  Shop around. - Just like you would for jeans or a dress!  Try different department stores and specialty stores to find the right bra for you.

7.  Try on several styles. - There are many styles out there - demi, t-shirt, full coverage, etc.  Take your time to try them all on and keep in mind the types of tops that you wear most often.  I love t-shirts so full coverage wouldn't be my first option.

How To Choose The Right Bra For You

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