5 Ways To Look Thinner Instantly!

As a personal stylist, I've never had a client ask me how they can look bigger.  I am almost always asked how to look thinner instantly.  While it's great to work on whatever fitness goals you may have, let's be real...most women want to look thinner and they want to look thinner now!!  If you, like me, are one of those women I have 5 styles tips for you.
5 Ways To Look Thinner Instantly

5 Ways To Look Thinner Instantly

1.  Fit & Flare Dress Or Skirt

I absolutely love fit & flare dresses because they taper in at the waist.  They highlight the smallest part of your waist, and flow over the hips, butt, and thighs; which are usually problem areas for women.

how to look thinner instantly

2.  Long Outer Layer

Wearing a long outer layer piece is a stylishly cool way to conceal those areas that you probably want to hide anyway.  During summer months, opt for a long sleeveless vest or lightweight jacket.

long layer duster coat

3.  Accentuate Your Waist With A Belt

I posted about accentuating your waist earlier this week. Adding a belt is a great trick for creating an hourglass figure if you don't naturally have one.

houndstooth dress, leather waist belt

how to accentuate your waist

4.  Monochrome

Wearing one color helps to create a long vertical line, giving the illusion of a slimming and thinner look.  I know it's easier to reach for an all black ensemble but try playing with other colors, such as white (yes, white!), tan, or navy blue.


5.  Pointed Toe Heels

Pumps that are slightly pointed with a thin heel will make your legs appear longer and look thinner.  I LOVE how my legs look in heels!


how to wear a graphic tee

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