5 Of The Best Jeans For Curvy Girls

If I don’t have any other staple in my closet, you can bet I always have a pair of jeans.  And not just any pair of jeans, a good fitting pair of jeans that is flattering to my curvy figure.  I have heard countless women with curves say that they have a hard time finding jeans that properly fit.  Either there is not enough stretch in the jeans or it fits in the hips, thighs, and butt area but is too big in the waist.  I firmly believe that jeans should be in every woman’s wardrobe so if you have are having problems with finding a good pair of jeans you just might want to give one of the brands below a try.

The best jeans for curvy girls, women


Pink Ice

Pink Ice has to be one of my favorite brand of jeans.  I lived in them last summer.  I love that they have a variety of styles ranging from classic to stylish, the price point is good, and so is the quality.  Most important, their jeans have great stretch!  The high waisted jeans are my fave; they fit like a glove.  For reference I wear a size 9 in these jeans.

best jeans for curvy girls, women
jeans for women with curves, best jeans for women with stretch

2. Joes Jeans

While I currently don’t own a pair of Joe’s Jeans, I know their Honey fit is definitely made for the curvy woman in mind.  I used to have a pair and the fit was great.  They have a higher rise for those of us carrying a little extra in the back.  During some of my college years I worked at both Planet Funk and M. Fedric and would recommend Joe’s Honey Jeans to all of my customers who had curves and were struggling to find jeans.  They were always a hit.  (I would probably wear a size 29 in these).

Joes jeans for curvy women, joes honey jeans for women with curves

3.  Topshop

I found out about Topshop jeans by accident.  I was in their dressing room when the zipper of my romper broke.  For an easy fix I asked the store associate to bring me a pair of black high waist jeans and a tank top; it was love at first try on.  The style I wear is the Topshop Moto Jamie in size 28.

Topshop best jeans for curvy

4.  Fashion Nova

I have heard great things about Fashion Nova jeans and I am super excited to try them.  I know you have probably seen them all over Instagram worn by your favorite curvy girl.  I actually think my next denim purchase will be from Fashion Nova, and I will be sure to let you all know how I like them.  Much like Pink Ice, Fashion Nova jeans are super stylish, trendy, and affordable.  From what I can tell their fit is also on point.  They also have a variety of sizes to choose from.  I would buy a size 9 for myself, although they actually say on their site that you should go a size down since their jeans have a lot of stretch.

fashion nova high waist jeans for curvy women
fashion nova embroidered jeans, curvy girl jeans

5.  Guess

Guess, known for their jeans, doesn’t disappoint with the fit for curvy women.  They too have a nice selection of denim ranging from classic to stylish but definitely not too much on the trendy side.  I haven’t tried their high waist jeans but I am a fan of their mid rise jeans from their curvy line.  I wear a size 29 in Guess jeans; 28 if there’s a lot of stretch.

best jeans for curves, best jeans for hour glass figure
best jeans for women with curves, best jeans for curvy girls

What are your favorite jeans?