5 Easy Ways To Wear Black Without Looking Boring

I know for many women black is their go to color.  Wearing black is easy, it looks chic, and of course we can't forget about the fact that it does make you look thinner.  My mom's wardrobe consists of mostly all black pieces.  Which is totally fine, I mean you can't really go wrong with black right?  I just want to show you ladies how you can take wearing black to the next level.  Here are 5 really easy ways to wear black without looking boring.

5 Easy Ways To Wear Black Without Looking Boring

5 Ways To Wear Black Without Looking Boring

1.  Add a pop of color.

This can be with your heels like I did or an accessory (your bag, a scarf, statement necklace, etc).

Black & White Outfit With A Pop Of Color

marilyn monroe sweatshirt-nasty gal remix boots-red laces-flexi rod curls

2.  Opt for a high neckline.

Especially since turtlenecks are the "it" shirt of the season.

Black Turtleneck & Houndstooth skirt

3.  Go for a form fitting silhouette.

Need I say more?

All black everything 2

4.  Add a sheer element.

Make your outfit a little more interesting with elements of sheer.

what to wear on new year's eve

5.  Try a statement piece.

I'm in love with this cape blazer and it is anything but boring!

Cape Blazer, Shorts, & Mules

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