3 Tips On How To Wear The Athleisure Trend

Naked Wardrobe Crop Sweatsuit, Steve Madden Heels

Hi beauties!  I'm sure you are all familiar with the athleisure trend as it has been around for a few years now.  With that being said, it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon so I thought I would revisit it and give you all 3 tips on how to wear the athleisure trend.

What I love is that you get the best of both worlds with this trend, cute and comfy.  But this is not your basic gym wardrobe.  You definitely need to level up to take your look from gym to street.  How you ask?  By going for the leggings with mesh panels or leather detail, adding a leather jacket with your sweats instead of a hoodie, or throwing on a pair of heels with your track pants or sweatsuit.  You can dress it up like I did with this outfit or you can keep it casual like I did with this leggings and Adidas outfit.

3 Tips On How To Wear The Athleisure Trend

1.  Be mindful of the fabric. - I'm sure you have either witnessed or been a victim to ultra thin leggings.  You know the kind that you can see-through when you bend over.  Make sure you invest in a thicker pair that holds you in and doesn't show cellulite.

2.  Accessories are key to taking your look from gym to street. - You want to look sporty chic.  Add a pair of cat eye sunglasses, heels, a leather jacket, duster coat, or fashion sneakers.  You don't exactly want to look like you're actually headed to the gym.

3.  You don't have to go full on athleisure - Play around with mixing the athleisure trend with your everyday wardrobe.  Add a pair of fashion sneakers to your dress, track pants with a leather jacket, or a sweatsuit with heels.