3 Things You Should Never Wear On A First Date

Getting ready for your first date can be exciting, but we all know how stressful it can be too.  Scene: You're on the phone with your best friend while sitting on your bed wrapped in a towel.  You're telling her how excited and nervous you are.  She's telling you that she's sure you'll be fine and that she hopes all goes well.  Just after you two finish going over your exit strategy for the night (you know, how will you get out of the date if it's going horrible), she asks you the dreaded question "So what are you going to wear?"  You immediately hop off the bed and go into a mini panic. Am I right, ladies?  We've all been there before, tearing up our closets to find the perfect outfit to wear.  In an effort to help eliminate some of the anxiety you may experience while getting ready to go out with Mr. I Hope He's The One, I have 3 things you should never wear on a first date.  Keep scrolling to find out my tips and then scroll even further to see what I would wear on a date if I was going out to dinner. 3 Things You Shouldn't Wear On A First Date

1.  Too Much Makeup - Let's face it (no pun intended), makeup could be one of the best things ever created.  I love Beyonce but we did not all wake up like this!  However, makeup should only enhance your beauty, not take over.  For a first date I would go for a no makeup, makeup approach.  Meaning light on the foundation and eye shadow.  I love lipstick so personally I would still add a bold lip.

2.  Clothes That Are Too Tight - Wearing form fitting jeans, a dress, or skirt is definitely okay.  I'm all about showing off those curves.  You just don't want to look or feel uncomfortable.  You most likely will grab a bite to eat on your first date and you don't want to be that girl that needs to unbutton her pants to get through the meal.

3.  Clothes That Are Too Revealing - Keep it cute and classy.  You can certainly be sexy without showing too much skin.  If you're going to show cleavage wear a longer skirt or fitted pants.  The same goes for if you want to show off your legs, just make sure the girls aren't too exposed.

3 Things You Shouldn't Wear On A First DatePink Ice Dress, Sam Edelman Shoes (old)Date night dress 1 What To Wear On A First Date

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