12 Beach Bag Essentials

Happy Labor Day!!!  And happy 3-day weekend to all my working people!!  I know today a lot of you are probably going to the park, a BBQ, or the beach.  When going to the beach I usually pack a tote full of goodies and I hate when ever I leave something out.  Don't let that be you today. Here are my 12 beach bag essentials (including the tote!).  Am I missing anything?  What do you pack in your beach bag? beach bag essentials, beach essentials list, beach bags, beach tote

1. Hat - gotta make sure you're protected from the sun.

2. Magazine - what's a beach day without flipping through the latest issue of your favorite style magazine.

3. Sunnies - again, gotta protect yourself from the sun...and look chic and cool of course ;-)

4. Cleansing wipes - these are great when leaving to get all of the unwanted sand off of your feet and belongings.

5. Lotion - great for after the wipes or if you've gone in the water.

6. Lip gloss - this falls under chic and cool. And personally, I hate when my lips feel dry.

7. Snack - you're usually at the beach for a little while and when lunch burns off, you're going to need a snack!

8. Water - it's important to stay hydrated especially while laying out in the sun.

9. Kindle/book - for when the magazine just isn't enough and you want to escape reality and get lost in a novel.

10. Mat/blanket - you can't forget something to actually sit on.

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11. Towel - to dry off if you decide to get in the water or I like to use it as a blanket once the breeze starts blowing.

12. Tote - you need something to carry all of your goodies in.  It needs to be large enough to hold all of your belongings.  I use this denim tote that I made myself in sewing class!

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Relaxation...le sigh :)

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