stylish at work 4 natural hair My love for style started as a toddler; having matching purses and accessories for each outfit at the age of 2. (I can thank Mommy for that!) However, my sense of style was put on pause as I spent my elementary school years and high school years in private schools wearing a uniform.  It wasn’t until my senior year of high school where the seniors were able to wear “free dress” on Fridays that the fashionista in me came back to life.

During college I worked in retail part time and realized how much I enjoyed putting outfits together for different types of customers.  I also noticed I had become the go to style expert for my family and friends.  Whenever there was an event coming up or someone wanted to update their wardrobe they called and I answered.  Whether it was going to the mall with them, shopping their own closet, or finding an outfit online and sending them the links I absolutely loved it!  I then had an Oprah aha moment and decided to turn my hobby and passion into my career and dream job.

I started taking personal styling classes and workshops both online and in person.  As well as reading as many books as possible on fashion, style, and business.  I did this all while holding down a pretty cool job as a Marketing Project Manager for Guess?.

As a Personal Stylist and Style Expert, I love helping women feel confident by appropriately dressing for their body type, style personality, and their lifestyle.  My in person services are provided in Los Angeles and close surrounding cities.  If you are not in LA, don’t you worry!  I now offer virtual styling!!