How To Wear A Floral Dress In The Spring

'm so in love with this floral dress.  It cinches in the waist and is short, fun, and flirty.  Since it is the very beginning of spring, it's still a bit cool so I paired the floral dress with a pair of knee-high boots.  To remix this look for summer I would wear it with pretty sandal flats or sandal heels.  I thought I would pick up on the pink floral detail by topping the look off with bright pink lips.

Natural Hair Product Review: Aphogee Curlific!

Hi curlfriends!  I have another product review for you.  This time I am reviewing the Aphogee Curlific! line.  If you follow me on Instagram then you already know I've been using this line for the last couple of weeks and the results are finally in!  Find out what I think about the Aphogee Curlific! line, if I will use these products again, and if I could only purchase one of their products which one it would be. 

Shapewear 101: Everything You Need To Know About Shapewear

Shapewear can be a woman's best friend if purchased and worn correctly.  Imagine walking around looking like the real-life version of your photoshopped self; a snatched waist, smooth lines, and a lift in the derriere. I'm not sure if any woman would be opposed to this.  While we have all hear women sing high praises to shapewear like Spanx, I have also heard countless women say that shapewear doesn't really work like they thought it would.

How To Wear A Faux Fur Stole In The Winter

I am so in love with this turtleneck from Zara.  I saw the pearl detail on the sleeves and knew I had to have it.  I also knew that I would most likely pair it with my black jeans and one of my black heels.  I wanted to keep it chic and classy.  At the last minute, I decided that I wanted to make this all-black outfit pop.  I remembered my blue faux fur stole and was instantly obsessed with the blue/black color contrast.

7 Tips On How To Choose The Right Bra For You

There's nothing like having a great support system.  We need love and support from our family, friends, significant other...and yes, yes...our bras!  If you have been keeping up I have been talking about updating your underwear drawer and how our underwear is the foundation of our outfits. Ladies, there is nothing quite like an ill-fitting bra.

How To Style A Jumpsuit For Winter

I love jumpsuits.  They're a good starting point for an outfit and it's pretty easy to build upon.  So how do you style a jumpsuit for winter?  Just add a fur coat, boots, and voila you have an outfit.  That's how I styled my jumpsuit for winter but it doesn't have to just be a fur coat.  You can style your jumpsuit with a bold color or print trench coat like red or leopard, you can style it with an oversized leather bomber jacket, or even a blazer.

What To Wear For Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, Beauties!  This isn't going to be a long post with a list of outfit combinations that you should wear on Valentine's Day.  Instead, I'm going to simply give you a tip.  Wear what makes you feel sexy, confident, and like when you walk into a room you know you're the baddest.  For me, for an occasion like going out on Valentine's Day, it's a form-fitting dress paired with high heels and red lipstick.